COBRA コブラ バックレスト・グラブバー BACKREST[1501-0598] Fat Bob 114-FXFBS 2018 Fat Bob-FXFB 2018

■商品番号602-2028B■商品概要COLOR:BlackFINISH:Powder-CoatedHEIGHT:11PACKAGING:EachPAD SIZE:6 W x 5 HSPECIFIC APPLICATION:YesSTYLE:Custom ReplacementTYPE:Backrest Kit■適合車種▼HARLEY-DAVIDSONFat Bob 114-FXFBS 2018 Fat Bob-FXFB 2018 ■詳細説明・A detachable backrest offers the best of both worlds for your passenger・You get the convenience of a practical and comfortable back support but one that is easily removed for around-town riding・Comes complete with all the mounting hardware needed for simple installation・Each is bike-specific and arrives with mounting hardware square bar pad and backrest insert (pad measures 6 W×5 H×2 thick)・11 model is the Mini style 14 model is the Short style・If you need more storage space the optional Cobra luggage rack mounts directly to the Cobra backrest■注意点※取り扱い説明書は英語となります。



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