Amichu【電子書籍】[ Alessia Brio ]

Amichu【電子書籍】[ Alessia Brio ] Amichu【電子書籍】[ Alessia Brio ] Amichu【電子書籍】[ Alessia Brio ]

<p>Fresh from a "shocking" sexual adventure in Switch, Mandy and Bruce are headed to South America for another trek into the amorously unknown. When a friend of Mandy's late aunt brings news of an Incan artifact suited for Mandy's shop, the duo travel to Rapa Nui to claim it. What they find instead could endanger not only the priceless item, but their lives.</p> <p>AUTHORS' NOTE</p> <p>Electronic publishing has gone a long way toward lessening the layers between authors and readers. This helps to ensure more of the money readers pay for books actually reaches the authors, which is a very good thing. Still, there are middlemen nibblingーsometimes taking big bitesーof the sale price: vendors and payment processors. Some even censor the content they allow to be sold. That pisses us off royally, and it should piss you off, too.</p> <p>We respect the law, and we will never attempt to sell erotica that violates it. We do not, however, respect the imposition of someone else's values on our artistic endeavors. Thus, to ensure you have access to all of our available publications, we encourage you to buy our books directly from</p> <p>We realize it's convenient to one-stop shop from megastores, and we realize it's a hassle to create accounts for multiple sites. However, please listen to the authors you enjoy reading and make your purchases from the sites they endorse. Not only is it a better way to support your favorite authors, but it also sends a message to those meddling middlemen that you do not condone their arbitrary censorship. Thank you.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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